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We specialise in rare and unusual herebaceous perennials as as well as Cottage Garden Plants. Woodland plants, shade lovers, hardy Chrysanthemums, hardy Geraniums, Hemerocallis, choice bulbs and Grasses are some of  the plant groups we concentrate on. 

If you cannot come to Norwell, we do offer a mail order service. Please note that we are rather old fashioned and do NOT accept credit cards. A cheque with the order please. We have a minimum order charge of £15 (not including p&p) with Postage and packing being charged at cost, currenty £11.50. Plants are sent Spring and autumn, the exact windows difficult to predict; it depends on the plants' growth, dictated by the weather. It always helps to include alternatives; even a website is not up to date all the time; some plants are in very limited  numbers.

I know that ordering plants through the mail can be a very disappointing business. We do our utmost to ensure you are happy with the order. The plants we send out are better than any I have ever received mail order. Plants sent are not bare root but in pots and many are flowering sized; rarer and slow growing plants may be smaller.
In your order please include:  Your name, Address including post code, Telephone Number, times when you would or would not like to receive the plants and any directions of where the postman can leave the parcel if you are not in. Please print critical information!