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The Retreat Proudly invites you to experience the ultimate journey of rejuvenation through relaxation

The original Spas of Ancient Rome were temples of beauty and health – places where spiritual, energetic and physical curative arts were practiced using water, which affects all of our senses, essential oils and natural healing methods.

The fully trained staff at The Retreat have combined skills to tend to your body’s entire needs – from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Ladies and gentlemen, you will be taken care of at a gentle and relaxed pace – forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Why not escape and indulge yourself with a sauna, steam, succumb to the intoxicating charms of the wonderfully relaxing whirlpool spa or linger, wrapped in a luxurious robe, in our relaxation areas. Let your worries drift away amidst a sanctuary of soothing aromas, as you are gently transported to an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Whether you choose to nurture your body with a massage, your skin with a facial or your hands and feet with a luxurious manicure, pedicure or the everyday treatments of waxing, brow shapes and lash tints, you will experience unique and personalised pampering. Your skin’s natural beauty will be rejuvenated, radiating a healthy and youthful glow; healing, restoring and replenishing what was once lost.

To make the most of your own special time, why not visit The Retreat Hair Studio for that finishing touch, and also enjoy temptingly healthy and delicious food in The Jester Bistro.

On leaving you will feel renewed, refreshed and at peace – ready to take on the outside world once again…..

Why we use Pevonia Face, Body & Spa Care – only the finest……

Renowned worldwide, Pevonia Botanica leads the industry in advanced skin care technology and provides outstanding results for every skin type. Pevonia products contain no alcohol, lanolin, mineral oil, artificial colour or fragrances. Pevonia’s full range of ecologically-balanced products provide the most nourishing, natural ingredients that God’s oceans and earth have to offer. To carry on the benefits of your treatments, all products are available for home use.