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Fort Paull

Address : Battery Road
Address : Paull
Town/City : Hull
County : Yorkshire
Country : England
Post code : HU12 8FP
Phone : 01482 896236
Web Site :  www.fortpaull.com

Set in over 10 acres on the banks of the Humber Estuary FORT PAULL combines 500 years of Hands on History with enough facilities to provide a full day out for all the family.



fp1Explore the multitude of underground rooms and tunnels and see the fantastic exhibits and waxworks. Roam through the grounds in safety and visit the many artillery pieces and military vehicles and the exhibit rooms found in the old accommodation blocks.
Let the children loose in the large play areas ,while you relax in the Dukes of York fully licensed Bar and Cafe set in the old engine house or visit the Berliner Tea Rooms where you can sit on a restaurant car which served the troops for 50 years.


British Berliner Military Train - 1945-1991
Following the end of hostilities in 1945 Germany was divided into four zones, one each occupied by the French, British, American and Soviet forces. In a similar manner, the city of Berlin was divided, with the three western zones remaining under Western control, with East Berlin becoming the capital city of the fledgling German Democratic Republic (or GDR).
The GDR was territory occupied by the Soviets, and considerable efforts were made during the 1940s to force the Western Allies to abandon their rights of access to West Berlin. The Berlin Blockade of 1948/1949 was imposed by the Soviets and prevented any access by water, road or rail between West Berlin and West Germany. This was overcome by the "Luftbrucke" or "Aerial Bridge", an operation which saw the provision of essential supplies airlifted to West Berlin. As it became clear that the Berlin Blockade was fruitless as a way of forcing the Western Allies' hand, and land access rights were re-established, it became essential for the Allies to demonstrate the continuous need for and use of these rights.
The British Military Train had its beginnings during this uncertain and unsecure period in European history. During this time, the British established several rail routes from the North Sea coast through their zone of West Germany and on to Berlin, to service and provide for the troops that were stabled there. The need to run services every day was an essential defence of their rights of access between West Germany and West Berlin.
Following the British Forces establishment of Air Trooping across North West Europe, there was no longer any need for rail services to the coast. The British Military Train was then truncated to its eventual route of Braunschweig to Berlin via the border crossing points of Helmstedt and Marienborn. New rolling stock followed in the late 1960s, and the service continued to run every day except December 25th.
Events unfolding in East Germany in 1989 finally culminated in the fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification of Germany. The reason for the existence of the British Military Train had disappeared, and the final routine service operated on 1st October 1990.
Our aim - "to restore and preserve the last remaining coach of the British Military Train"fp2

Nearly twenty five years since the last British Military Train operated, all of the rolling stock used has been either sold, scrapped or rebuilt - with one exception.
This single original coach survives, a restaurant card built specifically for use on this service in 1967 by Wegmann in Kassel, Germany. It has a fully original interior and has never been used for any other railway purpose than the operation of the BMT between Braunschweig and Berlin Charlottenburg; thus it represents the last tangible link to the tradition and history of the British Military Train, the staff who operated the service across the Iron Curtain and the many tens of thousands of passengers that travelled on board.
It is now located at the Fort Paull Military Museum near Hull, but is succumbing to the North Sea climate and urgently needs thorough external restoration. The original paint finish has cracked and weathered, leaving the steel coach body and framework open to attack from the elements. The museum itself has almost no funds to pay for the restoration of this unique railway vehicle.

The very last "Berliner" ran on 7th February 1991, as a commemorative special to celebrate almost five decades of continual service between West Germany and West Berlin. Following this run, the rolling stock was handed back to the German authorities and dispersed amongst private operators and museums.

Shop for gifts and souvenirs at the Gift Shop & Military Art Gallery.

Or visit the military surplus shop and shooting gallery (Sundays and bank holidays only during season ).

Telephone 01482 896236

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Head for The Heights this year

Head for The Heights of Abraham, the award winning Hilltop Park situated in the spectacular Derwent Valley, just 9 miles from Chatsworth on the western edge of the Peak District National Park.

This "must see" Derbyshire jewel of an attraction is accessed by state of the art enclosed cable cars located on the banks of the River Derwent next to Matlock Bath railways station and the town's public car parks. Simply purchase your cable car ticket, and then sit back to enjoy Instagram-ready views of the geologically stunning valley as you climb to the summit.
TIP: You can save money by purchasing your tickets online in advance of your visit. Go to www.heightsofabraham.com for ticket prices and availability
Once you've purchased your cable car ticket, access to all the summit attractions is free, offering a great value-day-out whatever the weather. Head off to explore 60 acres of landscaped grounds, undercover interactive exhibitions, photography gallery, multi-media show caverns, adventure playgrounds, woodland walks and trails.

You can choose to dine in the Vista restaurant with its stunning views down the valley, or enjoy a snack in the café or out on the terrace with similar breath-taking views. Picnic areas can be found throughout the grounds, and during the school holidays you'll discover extra entertainment like the traditional Punch and Judy show (with a satisfying Heights of Abraham twist) for all the family to enjoy.
TIP: Dining times can be reserved in advance. This is recommended especially during the busiest times of the year. Phone 01629 582365 to make a reservation or pre-order the popular afternoon tea package.
Most visitors are surprised to learn that the Heights is in fact the Derbyshire's oldest tourist attraction. The cable car system has carried millions of visitors to the summit over the last thirty five years, yet it remains one of the latest chapters in the fascinating story of the Heights of Abraham. The Heights first opened as a Pleasure Ground in 1780 when visitors would make the climb from the valley floor on foot to witness some of the finest views across the surrounding area. Almost two and a half centuries later you are still able to wander around the estate with its zigzag paths and pleasant woodland trails. It is easy to understand why the area proved inspirational to the Romantic movement of the period.

As long ago as Roman times, Lead deposits may have been found in the area but it took another 1000 years before Lead mining was officially recorded on site. These impressive mines were active for over 400 years and left behind a legacy of passageways and awe-inspiring caverns. Today, thanks to all that hard work you can follow in the miners' footsteps down the passageways they created, going deep underground into the Heights' famous Show Caverns. From the glow of a single miner's candle to the whole cavern being awash with colour-changing lights, the Great Masson Cavern tour is one of the talking points of a visit to this Hilltop Park. Here, where the Equator was once situated millions of years ago, you can learn all about the rocks, minerals and underground formation of the Peak District. Equally, a visit to the Great Rutland Cavern is well worthwhile. First opened to the public over 200 years ago in 1810, you can experience a day in the life of the very miners who made your trip possible.

Those of an inquisitive mind should make sure they visit The Long View exhibition to see and hear the 230 year story about why the estate has been a favourite place to visit for many generations. On the upper floor the Fossil Factory brings to life fun and interesting facts about rocks, fossils and the formation of the Peak District. Tinker's Shaft SSSI is a spectacular location with a new viewing platform, high above the Derwent Valley and near the exit from the Great Masson Cavern. Interpretative panels provide information on the importance of the site, the natural history, the geology and the labyrinth of lead mines below Tinker's Shaft... directly beneath your feet!

The Heath and Heaven Gallery is a delightful pictorial journey through the Peak District from north to south and shot from the air on a single summer's day. Next to this you will find Through the Lens, a 12 minute film of the Great Masson guided tour, ideal for those who cannot, or do not wish to go underground during their visit.

If you're heading into Derbyshire or the Peak District, don't miss the opportunity to head for the Heights this year and tick this one off your bucket list. The cable car is just the start of a fascinating, relaxing and fun day out for everyone. Keep up to date with the news by visiting the official website for opening times, special offers and details of forthcoming events: www.heightsofabraham.com

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