West Pitt Farm - Fishing

Address : Whitnage
Town/City : Tiverton
County : Devon
Country : England
Post code : EX16 7DU
Phone : 01884 820296
Web Site :  www.westpittfarm.co.uk

West Pitt Farm Fishery is set in 17 acres of Devon countryside just five minutes' drive from J27 of M5. There are three lakes open for day ticket fishing.

devon-westpittfish1Open every day of the year from dawn 'till dusk

7 per person for day ticket

Kingfisher Lake

This lake is about one acre in size.


The predominant species in this lake is Golden Tench which run to 5lbs, there are good numbers of Roach to 1lb 8oz, Bream to 8lbs together with some beautiful Golden Orfe and Koi, together with carp in the high teens. The lake record currently stands at around 100lbs.


Averaging 6ft but areas up to 10ft if plumbed carefully


All techniques work here with the pole and waggler being most popular but do not neglect the feeder. Pole and waggler fishing between 9 and 11 metres is productive, the bed contours can easily be found with careful plumbing. Start by fishing the deeper part of the swim but be aware that the fish may come up in the water particularly where loose feed is being used. Do not neglect the margins, good numbers of fish can be caught close in, literally within a rod length of the bank.

Maggots, casters, worm, corn, meat, pellets and paste all work well. Whatever bait is chosen the golden rule is accurate feeding, use a pole pot or a catapult when waggler fishing. If small roach become problematic on maggot, a change to a larger bait such as corn will bring a better stamp of fish. In winter, good catches of roach can be taken on red maggot and pinkie with the odd bonus fish falling to corn.

Favoured Pegs

By inlet pipe, off the slip and along the dam.

devon-wstpitt2Mallard Lake

At about one and quarter acres in size, Mallard Lake is the largest of the West Pitt lakes.


The predominant species is Carp which run to 22lbs, with large numbers from 3lb-10lb. Catches of 180lbs and more are not unusual. Other species include Tench to 5lbs, Roach to 1lb 8oz and numerous Rudd.


Mallard is shallow around the island at 2-3 feet deep. The lake slopes off to deeper water at the dam end near the outlet where 9-11 feet can be found.


The most popular techniques are pole, waggler and feeder including the "method". Again, do not forget the margins and keep loose feeding accurate. Corn, meat, pellets and paste are all popular baits. Bread has proved effective both on or just below the surface or on the bottom.

Favoured Pegs

The whole lake fishes well in the summer with the island and dam being popular, the deeper water near the outlet is favoured in winter when 70lb bags are not uncommon.

Willow Lake

Although only half an acre in size, Willow Lake should not be underestimated.


It holds Carp to 15lbs, Tench to 7lbs, Crucian Carp, Perch to 2lbs with plenty of smaller Rudd and Perch to keep the novice angler happy.


Average depth of 5ft


Waggler and pole are the favoured methods, using corn, pellet, meat and bread to target bags of Tench and Crucians. Select and feed two areas, one close in, the other further out. If you are catching Tench and Crucians and it goes quiet it probably means that a Carp has moved in. If your tackle is robust enough carry on feeding and you are likely to catch it but it will probably weigh in excess of 5lbs, if not switch to your second line. Bags made up of a dozen Crucians with a similar number of Tench are not uncommon. Floating baits such as bread and mixers can be used to target the Carp during the warmer months with the evenings being a favourite time to use this exciting method.

Favoured Pegs

Any of the corner pegs.

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