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Hereford Cathedral

Address : Cathedral Close
Town/City : Hereford
County : Herefordshire
Country : England
Post code : HR21 2NG
Phone : 01432 374251
Web Site :  www.herefordcathedral.org

Covid 19 update 15.6.20

We re-opened this morning for individual prayer (10am – 3pm) – all of the details are here: https://www.herefordcathedral.org/news/opening-for-individual-prayer

Hereford Cathedral is a wonderfully ancient foundation, believed to date back to 676 AD. The present building includes examples of architecture from all periods, from the stately 12th-century nave, the graceful 13th-century Lady Chapel, the solid 14th-century central tower and the 15th-century Stanbury Chapel with its intricate fan-vaulted ceiling to the 20th-century Cathedral Library and a wealth of beautiful stained glass. It is a building which is constantly changing, but continues to stand proudly at the centre of the city, thanks to the devotion of many generations. Above all, Hereford Cathedral is on a human scale - it doesn't overwhelm with its size or grandeur. People remark on its homeliness and feeling of welcome.

The treasures housed in the Cathedral Library include the unique Mappa Mundi, an outstanding representation of the world by medieval scholars. The cathedral also owns a 1217 revision by Henry III of Magna Carta, which will be on display this summer in a special exhibition. Only four copies of this version of the charter on which British democracy is based exist. Hereford Cathedral is also home to what is believed to be the largest Chained Library in Europe.
All are welcome to worship in the cathedral. Music at Sunday services and daily services of Choral Evensong in term-time is led by the professional choir of men and boys. There are also frequent concerts and special events, including summer performances of jazz and drama in the Chapter House Garden.

Armchair Listening

Did you know that you can experience the ethereal sound of Hereford Cathedral's choral services from the comfort of your own home or office?

Through the magic of technology - you can!

There has been a choir at Hereford Cathedral since at least the 13th century, producing beautiful music in the building's unrivalled acoustic and glorious surroundings. Today, the professional choir of 18 boy choristers aged 7-13, together with the lay clerks and choral scholars (the gentlemen of the choir, who sing the alto, tenor and bass parts), continues this tradition into the 21st century, providing music at the cathedral's daily services and many special occasions throughout the year. They also reach a wider audience by singing in concerts, broadcasts on television, and radio, recordings and international tours.

The installation of a new sound system in 2015 made it possible for events in the cathedral to be recorded in-house; initially the recordings were made available to listeners on an occasional basis via the choir's Soundcloud page, but now they are regularly uploaded as webcasts to the cathedral's website, and can be enjoyed by anyone, wherever they are in the world.

The cathedral choir sings Choral Evensong every day except Wednesday in term-time, and most of the webcasts tend to be of this beautiful service of worship, which lasts around 45 minutes and includes psalms sung in the distinctive Anglican chant style; a wide range of music from many centuries; and passages of spoken text dating from the sixteenth century.

Find out more about Choral Evensong at www.choralevensong.org

Sunday morning services, individual sermons or talks and organ recitals are also sometimes produced by the cathedral as webcasts. You can also sign up to be notified by email when a new webcast service is added to the archive.

You can find them at www.herefordcathedral.org/webcasts

The cathedral is open every day, usually from 9.15 am until after the short service of Evensong, which takes place at 5.30 pm on weekdays and 3.30 pm on Sundays.


life and learningHereford Cathedral have recently announced their latest Life & Learning programme which features a range of talks, lectures and discussions.

Life & Learning is the adult education arm of Hereford Cathedral which works to broaden understanding and debate in theology, social issues and the arts. It offers a wide range of opportunities for study and learning, and for experiencing the Christian faith in many aspects. Open to everyone, regardless of religious affiliation, it aims to be a forum for honesty and engagement.

In 2019, the tenth year of the Life & Learning programme, there is a diverse range of subject matter ranging from church records to children's reactions to sacred spaces. Other highlights include two illustrated talks on twelfth-century French Religious Art led by Peter White (Thursday 21 & 28 February). These talks will look at both the sculpture and stained glass windows of the Romanesque cathedral of Chartres which was destroyed in a devastating fire in 1194.

The following month (Thursday 28 March), a celebration of Hereford Diocese's link with the Lutheran Kirchenkreis of Nuremberg will take place in College Hall. The evening will feature speakers from the Nuremberg Committee who will discuss the many different links between the two cities, alongside German beer and sausages.

This year's annual Ethelbert lecture, which takes place on Tuesday 21 May, is given by Professor Nicholas Vincent and explores the legacy of Cardinal Guala Bicchieri, the papal legate to England in 1216. Vincent is Professor of Medieval History at the University of East Anglia and an authority on the Plantagenet kings and the context of Magna Carta.

One of the final events of the programme will take place on Tuesday 18 June and will focus on the hidden history of the Cathedral Cloisters. Recent research completed as part of the Eastern Cloisters Project (funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund) unearthed many discoveries of the people who have inhabited the residential area of the cathedral. Sarah Hollingdale, Eastern Cloisters Project Officer, will lead this talk sharing the stories of some of the more eccentric characters who have lived within the Cloisters.

The Life & Learning catalogue is available to pick up in the cathedral or download from the cathedral website at www.herefordcathedral.org/life-and-learning. Ticket prices vary and more information can be provided by the Cathedral Library on 01432 374225 or library@herefordcathedral.org

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