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Number 1 Church Street in Ledbury stands at the junction of the 'Kings Highway' with the east/west track, leading from Hereford Cathedral to Ledbury Parish Church, and has undoubtedly been the site of continuous human activity for more than 1,000 years.



In Elizabethan times Ledbury was a small town of approximately 650 people and the market and religious centre for some additional 880 rural parishioners. Yet despite having records for Ledbury going back to 1557 and beyond, for this building - unlike others around it - there is, as yet, no exact record of either its purpose or its inhabitants.

Ledbury Parish Church Archives tell us that in the late 15th or early 16th century, there may have been built here a new Booth Hall to replace the early 15th Century one sited where the Feather's Hotel now stands. Ring dating carried out in 2007 shows that the market end of the building dates from 1510. Resident in the Booth
Hall was the Town Constable who had responsibility for the proper conduct of markets and fairs, market toll gathering, control of vagrants, the distribution of poor law monies, with an upstairs room to be set aside for use as a court of Piepowder. This might account for the choice of texts in the Painted Room with their emphasis on good citizenship, duty and love.

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