Newtown Textile Museum

(Mid-Wales Museums and Arts)

5-7 Commercial Street
SY16 2BL

The Textile Museum in Newtown - just over the bridge into Commercial Street (see the map) gives visitors a chance to see how the handloom weavers of the mid-19th century lived and worked.

The block which houses the Museum was built in the 1830s as a hand-loom weaving factory, the looms occupying the third and fourth floor above three pairs of back-to-back cottages on the lower floors.

Newtown's development into a centre of industry is described through exhibits in the former cottages, while on the top two floors the story of fleece to flannel is illustrated by looms and spinning wheels, alongside displays of related industries and influential local people such as Pryce Jones. 

We also have exhibits of modern wool craft and demonstrations by experts in spinning, weaving and quilt making.

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The Museum is now closed for the winter, apart from a special event as part of Welsh Museums Festival Week,  over the weekend of 27/28 October - (see the website for details), and tours which can still be arranged for the winter months by contacting them.

The Museum will re-open on 2 May 2019.



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