Painswick Rococo Garden

(Oxfordshire/Cotswolds Gardens)

01452 813204

Situated outside the beautiful Cotswold town of Painswick, and famous for its snowdrop display, the Rococo Garden is a fascinating step back to a flamboyant and sensual period of English Garden Design.

oxf-rococo2This gem of a garden, which was originally laid out in the early 18th century, is set in a hidden Cotswold valley with magnificent views of the surrounding countryside.

A magazine article of 1753, describing this style of garden, finished with the line .......You are taken to a pompous and gilded building, consecrated to Venus for no other purpose that the squire riots here in vulgar love with a couple of orange wenches from the local play-house.

It seems he was unimpressed with the frivolity of the owners of these gardens.



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