Snowshill Manor

(Oxfordshire/Cotswolds Historic Buildings)

WR12 7JU
01386 852410

This is a real one-off. Snowshill is home to an English eccentric's treasure trove.



cotsw snowshillCharles Paget Wade's passion for craftsmanship, colour and design began when he was just seven years old. His motto was 'let nothing perish' and his life was dedicated to finding, restoring and enjoying objects of beauty, both everyday and extraordinary.

The manor is packed to the rafters with over 22,000 objects from tiny toys to Samurai armour, musical instruments to fine clocks – all laid out theatrically just as Mr Wade intended. You can start to make sense of it all by hearing the story of Mr Wade, as told by one of the volunteers daily in the garden (weather permitting).

The Manor nestles in a peaceful and intimate Arts and Crafts-style terraced garden with hidden vistas and quiet corners. It is the ideal place to come and relax, enjoy a delicious home-made lunch in the restaurant, with fresh produce from the garden, or take a cream tea on the terrace.


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