Chedworth Roman Villa

(Oxfordshire/Cotswolds Historic Buildings)

GL54 3LJ
01242 890256

At one of Britain's grandest Roman Villas you will discover the Golden Age of Roman Britain, walk in the footsteps of Romans and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of Roman life.

The site was discovered in 1864 on the Earl of Eldon's estate by a local gamekeeper and then excavated by his estate workers - a visit to the Victorian Museum tells the story of these early days and has a unique collection of artefacts from the site.

Following a major project in 2012 the extraordinary relics of the site were unveiled anew.



cotsw chedworthThe wonderful new cover building enables you to see amazing in-situ mosaics which can be viewed from suspended walkways. This year you may be able to discover what else lies beneath as the team carry out some exploratory archaeology on the enigmatic North Wing of the villa.

Other highlights to the site include the remains of the dining room, bath houses, water shrine, latrine and the under-floor heating system. In addition the site is rich in natural history, with breath-taking views of the Coln Valley. Look out for some very large snails which were introduced by the Romans and which are still found living around the villa.

You can enjoy various Roman-themed events and activities throughout the year including talks, workshops and re-enactments, and the family tracker packs, available from reception, are a great way to make discoveries and have fun.


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