The Gardens at Glansevern

Address : Berriew
Town/City : Welshpool
County : Powys
Country : Wales
Post code : SY21 8AH
Phone : 01686 640644
Web Site :

The gardens at Glansevern are just over the Shropshire border into Wales, four miles beyond Powis Castle down the A483.   They cover more than 20 acres in a wider parkland setting on the banks of the River Severn with the Kerry hills as a back-drop.   

The centrepiece is Glansevern Hall, a Greek Revival house of great elegance and charm which dates from 1801 Glansevern is a place of calm and tranquillity, a sensation fostered by the presence of water in every direction - the river on one side, fountains and pools in the garden itself, a lake girded by trees with an island folly and a delightful water garden set among the lake’s feeder streams.   The lakeside path skirts a number of ornamental shelters which provide resting opportunities on the way.

The walled garden is a delight.   It has been re-modelled into nine compartments, each with its own distinctive planting theme.   Each compartment is also invisible from the others - a box of nine surprises!
A tree-lined walk down to the Severn passes a massive rock garden with its mysterious grotto and a romantic folly, perfectly round, that overlooks the valley below.                           
On top of all this, the lover of exotic trees will find an abundance of unusual specimens from the Americas and the Far East.
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