Staffordshire Regiment Museum

Address : Defence Medical Services
Address : Whittington
Town/City : Lichfield
County : Staffordshire
Country : England
Post code : WS14 9PY
Phone : 01543 43 43 94
Web Site :

The Staffordshire Regiment Museum tells the story of the Staffordshire Regiment and all its antecedents from its formation in Lichfield in 1705.



The Museum is situated alongside Whittington Barracks near Lichfield, the historical home of the Regiment, and houses a collection of around 11,000 items. The collection now includes items from the Mercian Regiment.

No frills but plenty of guts

An apt description of the bravery, tenacity and heroism of the men who have served with the Staffordshire Regiment over the last 300 years. The Staffordshire Regiment Museum tells the story of this famous county Regiment and all of its antecedents.

FOLLOW the story of the Regiment from its raising in Lichfield in 1705 and its early service in the Caribbean through practically every war and campaign fought by Britain up to the resent day.
MEMORIES of Staffordshire's soldiers through the ages are recalled, at home as well as far away: the near death sentence of service in the West Indies in the 18th Century, battles against Napoleon in Flanders and Spain, police duties in England and Ireland, Victoria's Wars across the Globe, all the major battles of the two World Wars, keeping the peace and fighting the wars of the 21st Century. Throughout is the story of the man himself.

Events 2018

Discovery Days
Come along on one of the museum's special days, when we will have some of our hidden treasures on display. You'll also be able to handle weapons, as featured in movies such as 'Zulu', 'Where Eagles Dare' and 'A Bridge too Far' and try on uniforms too. Experience something of the horror of the Western Front by taking a guided tour of our full-scale reconstruction of a First World War trench.
Discovery Days will be held on the following dates: Wednesday 4th April, Monday 7th May, Wednesday 30th May, Wednesday 1st August, Wednesday 15th August, Wednesday 29th August.

Hanson's Valuation event. Friday 11th May & Friday 19th October.
Ever wondered if 'great auntie's vase' is a long lost and valuable antique? Why not pop down to the museum and get the expert's opinion. Between 10a.m. - 1p.m., a member of Charles Hanson's (of numerous BBC antiques shows fame), team, will be on site to advise you. Charitable donation of £1.00 per item please. All proceeds to running costs of the museum.Normal admission prices apply for visitors to the museum, trench and grounds.

Night in the trenches. Saturday 10th November. Our annual candle lit tour and night time battle spectacular. Come and experience the atmosphere of a WWI front line. Speak to British, French and German troops and witness the firefight as they go 'over the top'.

Please be aware...this event includes simulated explosions and loud gunfire and is unsuitable for young children or persons of a nervous disposition.

A Wartime Christmas. Saturday 15th December. Come along and join the soldiers and civilians from WWI and WWII as they celebrate Christmas on the front lines and at home too. Will there be a truce in the trenches? You may have to take cover in our public air raid shelter if the Luftwaffe decide to visit.

Please check the museum website, and social media for confirmation of event times and announcements on additional attractions/exhibitors on individual event days.

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