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Shipley Glen Tramway

Address : Prod Lane
Address : Baildon
Town/City : Shipley
County : Yorkshire
Country : England
Post code : BD17 5BN
Phone : 01274 589010
Web Site :  www.shipleyglentramway.co.uk

090 - Shipley Glen May 2016The Shipley Glen Tramway first ran on 18 May 1895 and is still running today. This makes it the oldest funicular tramway still running in the UK with the exception of one or two cliff lifts. These do not have quite the same operating system.


The Tramway was built to carry Victorian and Edwardian fun seekers up a rather steep slope to reach a massive fairground. This grew in the second half of the 1800's and included some massive rides, some of them unique at the time. It is recorded that on one day alone 100,000 people visited the fairground and the Tramway could carry up to 15,000 passengers a day. 

The builder of the Tramway, and two years later a Toboggan run at the fairground, was a local entrepreneur, Sam Wilson, with a number of other ventures to his credit.

The first fairground continued through WWI but from about 1900, with the large crowds walking along the short lane from the Tramway top station to the fairground, owners of the two or three houses they were passing, decided to create their own amusements and started tea rooms, swings and other attractions.

From just before 1900 Tom Hartley built his Japanese Gardens with a boating lake and famous landscaped gardens.

All signs of the fairgrounds have now gone, the site of the more recent one, built on for housing. Only the Tramway remains.

However, with its bottom station only a few yards from Roberts Park at the bottom of the UNESCO world heritage village of Saltaire and its top station a similar distance from the open spaces of Bracken Hall Green and Shipley Glen with a pub and tearooms, the Tramway is an historic link between the two.

Going back two hundred years the open moorland was a place for workers to get away from the industrial towns, to picnic, explore and enjoy the rocks and stream and walk and it remains so to the present day.
The  Brackenhall Countryside Centre in Shipley Glen, no more than 10 minutes walk from the tramway top station, has outdoor activities and the history of the area going back 4000 years.

The Tramway and its newly rebuilt museum is open on every Sunday afternoon from 12:00 during the year and Saturday afternoons between Easter Saturday and New Years Day. An Adult Day Return costs £2.50 with lower fares for children, etc.

Visit the Tramways website for more information - www.shipleyglentramway.co.uk


The Chairman and Kate Smith, daughter of the third owners of the Tramway who opened our new museum on 15th July 2017 and the new interior of the museum.

211-Open Musem 15 July 2017205-Open Musem 15 July 2017

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