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National Centre for Birds of Prey

Address : Duncombe Park
Town/City : Helmsley
County : Yorkshire
Country : England
Post code : YO62 5EB
Phone : 01439 772080
Web Site :  www.ncbp.co.uk

Situated at the magnificent Duncombe Park estate in Helmsley within the world famous North York Moors National Park.

Open seven days a week, many of the birds take to the skies in spectacular flying demonstrations, or are part of important breeding projects. From the tiny terrestrial Burrowing Owl to the mighty and majestic Steller's Sea Eagle the National Centre for Birds of Prey houses the largest collection of birds of prey in the north of England.

The flying demonstrations are the highlight of a visit - there are three flying areas, one of them indoors, so whatever the weather you will get the chance to see the birds fly free.

Admission to the Centre also includes admission in to the surrounding 300 acres of parkland. There are 2 marked trails and it's a wonderful place for a stroll or a dog walk.

There are a number of different bird of prey experiences with various different species. The "Owl Experience", the "Raptor Experience" and the "Hawk Hike" all give the opportunity to handle and fly some of our birds.

The Centre is a great place for photography, and and even better place to host Photography Days! There is a large collection of spectacular raptors, many of them out of doors and accessible at close range.

In September 2019 NCBP directors Charlie and Vicki took a road trip to Sardinia to the "Life under Griffon Wings" programme, wildlife resue centre which acts as a holding facility for vultures before they head for release.

"Marco the vet checked over our NCBP-bred Griffon Vulture. Then we took our vulture (now christened "Vicki") to an aviary. She'll be in this aviary alone for a few days to settle and will then have some other vultures to make friends with. Rather sensibly she had a bath within minutes!
After a tour of the rescue centre - full of injured tortoises and wonderful birds like Eleonora's Falcons we headed to the hills. On the way we stopped to collect a roadkill wild boar - vulture food.

After an hours drive we arrived at a vulture feeding station and release aviary. Just before arriving we sat and watched a pair of Golden Eagles playing in the thermals.

The view from the release aviary was wonderful. The vulture feeding station was close by - the smell took a little getting used to! Once a week Vani tops up the feeding station and Griffons from miles around come and feed - in full view of the birds in the release pen. This means the birds in the pen get to see wild Griffons doing vulture things and learn how to be vultures.

Vultures are incredibly threatened over most of the world. However they are one of the most incredible species out there. Intelligent, beautiful and graceful, they need our help.

Whilst our 2019 baby is starting her new life working towards being released here in Sardinia later this year - we are already looking to the future. We still have mum and dad at Duncombe Park and we are doing everything we can to ensure we get to welcome more baby vultures into the world in 2020. Coming and visiting us helps enormously."

Don't miss the falconry fair, Raptor Fair on the 27-28 June 2020.

The Owl House Cafe is open daily for drinks, snacks and meals.

With 50 aviaries to wander around, expect to spend 2 - 3 hours here, although many of our visitors spend all day! Check out the website for details of the Winter Owl Evenings, the annual Raptor Fair and other special events.

Griffon VulturesIMG 0505

0713 0239eburrowing owlDusky Emperor our Grey Buzzard Eagle flying in a demoInowashi Stellers Sea Eagle 4richard lower pic of stellers and me

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